Here is a collection of thoughts around how artist are using public ledgers and how it is an extension of the way artists have always worked.

1. Artists think of NFTs as a medium.

We tend to view cryptocurrencies through an economic or scarcity lens, but in fact it may be more useful to view them as a…

I’ve recently become captivated by a specific power of new visual design tools such as Figma and Miro to help very different kinds of minds brainstorm, visualize a company or project and communicate clearly. Somehow visual brainstorming seems to provide an “overview effect” for all stakeholders.

I’ve been working in…

The near future.

It’s morning, and nightmares again. Perhaps the social worker at the mall can help me to try deal with the insomnia. I text them from bed.

“Sure, maybe this has all happened before, maybe you are in some kind of time loop, maybe you’ve said this to…

We’re looking for a few good pre-alpha users to play “Sugar” — our game of social challenges and rewards. We’ve been working on it for several months as our pandemic project and we’re at the point where we need feedback.

First I’ll explain the absolute bare-bones basics of how to…

How we create spaces, and rules, how and how this may be a way for us to re-engage the world in a more healthy way.


As we come to the end of a dramatic election season in the United States, it’s worth stepping back…

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If you were William Gibson

and you’d dropped a 100 yen coin into Puck Man in the Shibuya District of Tokyo on May 22nd 1980 you might possibly have been able to extrapolate the future that is now unfolding. You’d have felt it at the very least. The dopamine rush of steering your glowing yellow…

This article reviews payment options on the web and then looks at Libra and other options.


Last week Facebook kicked off a plan to introduce a new cryptocurrency named ‘Libra’. This revitalizes an exciting question about the future of the web which is: “How can the future Internet move towards…

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