Here is a collection of thoughts around how artist are using public ledgers and how it is an extension of the way artists have always worked.

1. Artists think of NFTs as a medium.

We tend to view cryptocurrencies through an economic or scarcity lens, but in fact it may be more useful to view them as a new art form.

We can absolutely be critical of individual NFT projects for being superficial, or wasting co2, or doing something that seems fairly obvious — but in fact new art projects are often an iteration, exploring new ideas, new rules and a new space. …

I’ve recently become captivated by a specific power of new visual design tools such as Figma and Miro to help very different kinds of minds brainstorm, visualize a company or project and communicate clearly. Somehow visual brainstorming seems to provide an “overview effect” for all stakeholders.

I’ve been working in the “design thinking and visual collaboration in the enterprise space” for a while but these tools can be used for anything: for planning a party, a camping trip, a community garden, a personal website or blog. There’s something about new tools making it easier to speak together visually that is…

The near future.

It’s morning, and nightmares again. Perhaps the social worker at the mall can help me to try deal with the insomnia. I text them from bed.

“Sure, maybe this has all happened before, maybe you are in some kind of time loop, maybe you’ve said this to me a dozen times, but I also want you to be open minded, you have to be equally willing to consider that it might be psychological. Can you at least grant me that?”.

I’m downtown at the mall; meeting with my provisional social worker. We’ve never actually met before, I…

We’re looking for a few good pre-alpha users to play “Sugar” — our game of social challenges and rewards. We’ve been working on it for several months as our pandemic project and we’re at the point where we need feedback.

First I’ll explain the absolute bare-bones basics of how to play, and then talk more about why we think there is something special here, and the kind of feedback we hope to get.

Note I should mention that the whole idea is fraught with risk, and who knows if it will really succeed or crash and burn horribly — but…

I’ve been advising a friends FAAS (fashion-as-a-service) digital online dress-up doll company and I’ve been reminded of many of the deep behaviors that we as primates have, how badly poor design here is upsetting for us (uncanny valley) and how making digital clothing is at least as much work as making a real piece of clothing!

Here for example is a frame from a demo video for Marvelous Designer that lets you build clothing from scratch.

(Marvelous Designer — digital clothing tool — see )

I realize both how fashion aesthetics drives my own behavior more than I thought…

How we create spaces, and rules, how and how this may be a way for us to re-engage the world in a more healthy way.


As we come to the end of a dramatic election season in the United States, it’s worth stepping back and thinking about what and who we are as humans; what it means to be human, what degrees of freedom our embodiment permits. If we can feel and sense the boundaries that define us we may be able to escape from a sense of frustration or limitations we may be…

Note: if you enjoy the conversations below I’d love for you to join us on November 5th 2020 at:

If you were William Gibson

and you’d dropped a 100 yen coin into Puck Man in the Shibuya District of Tokyo on May 22nd 1980 you might possibly have been able to extrapolate the future that is now unfolding. You’d have felt it at the very least. The dopamine rush of steering your glowing yellow pac man around Tori Iwatani’s Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. The raucous steel hail of nearby Pachinko. Bright flashing lights. A crowded space to be alone: filled with school children, young couples, salary men. Smoke and sweat; time enough for a game before your train arrives. A break during work…

This article reviews payment options on the web and then looks at Libra and other options.


Last week Facebook kicked off a plan to introduce a new cryptocurrency named ‘Libra’. This revitalizes an exciting question about the future of the web which is: “How can the future Internet move towards a direct compensation model for creatives?”. It’s widely believed that if it is possible for people to more easily be paid for creating content that we may see a flourishing of the web. …

Making stuff should be fun!

It is my belief that when we work we can sometimes get caught up in producing a result and kind of forget about the process. We pride ourselves on being able to “tough it out” or “grind through it”. And there’s a lot to be said for being able to grind through things, but there’s also a lot to be said for arranging work so that it isn’t a grind.

If you are stressed fighting your code, or having to hold a lot of things in your working memory, it can undermine a longer term sustainable work pattern, making your…

“If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.” — Carl Sagan’s Apple Pie Recipe.

The Web and Mixed Reality go together like chocolate and peanut-butter. They’re a tasty combination; you get instant world wide audiences, censorship resistance, access to a fascinating new and delicious medium.

But tools are sorely lacking. And that needs to change.

In this article I’m going to explore, somewhat for myself, and somewhat for you dear reader, what stories in 3d could be like with the right tools.

What is a story?

Is it spring again already!? Hmmm it’s still slightly overcast…

ʞooH ɯlǝsu∀

SFO Hacker Dad Artist Canuck @mozilla formerly at @parcinc @meedan @makerlab

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