It’s an intriguing and bold statement. My understanding of the thesis is that in the near future we will see 3d objects with behaviors moving from site to site — and that this is seen as quite different from the way applications behave today (where an experience exists on one site, and that experience itself exists by itself — not interoperating with any other experiences). In this emerging vision a bundle of 3d geometry and behavior is somewhat similar to what we call an application today. But it will be liberated from a specific silo.

I’d like to find a better word to capture this. Is something a bundle, an experience, an application? An application is also just a collection of display and behavior — what is unique here is the idea of an agreement among hosting environments to allow these applications to migrate more easily. I feel like the idea is not just of migration from server to server, but say from a server to a client controlled environment. And I feel like there is an idea of multiple applications sharing the same screen real-estate at the same time; and perhaps even being aware of each other.

Perhaps the word ‘agent’ is a consistent word that can cover both ideas.

What I don’t understand is who will provide a kind of sandbox that agents can interoperate between? It feels like a high bar. Applications on iOS are fully insulated from each other because of the havoc they can wreak on each other — the way they manage state is so different that they can’t understand each other at all.

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